Download PDF by Stefan R., edited by DZIEMIANOWICZ: 100 Wild Little Weird Tales

By Stefan R., edited by DZIEMIANOWICZ

ISBN-10: 1566195578

ISBN-13: 9781566195577

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I might have beat her up if she’d been with them, pretending to be their friend. I straightened my back (smiled again) and stepped toward them. When I reached the table, I gently placed my tray beside Erica’s. Startled, she glanced up. Her eyes narrowed, and she nudged Robb. “Look who decided to slum it,” she said. Robb glanced at me, frowned, and jolted to his feet. “Why don’t you go back to your friends, so you can curse us with your black magic or whatever it is you do. ” “Leave us alone,” Erica said.

Same too-full lips. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Tell me you’re kidding. ” “Do you think I’d joke about class elections? ” Glaring at me, she pointed to her own chest. ” “You can have it,” I said darkly, wadding up the paper. ” “Please. Like I really believe th… that…” Her voice trailed off. A boy – Clarik, I realized a moment later – had turned the corner and was strolling in our direction, hands pushed into his pockets. I watched him, unable to look away. He was dressed in baggy black jeans and a white T-shirt that pulled tight against his biceps.

I relaxed. A little. “I don’t know a lot about Bobby. ” Mostly moments of pure evil, but there for a minute, in the hallway, I’d glimpsed a more vulnerable side of her. A side I had, surprisingly, connected with. “So you and Bobby aren’t…” He trailed off. I shook my head. ” I admit, I had wanted to date Bobby at one time. I’d wanted it more than anything else in the world, in fact. Right now, I couldn’t even picture Bobby’s face in my mind. It sooo wasn’t smart to crush on Clarik like this. Okay.

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100 Wild Little Weird Tales by Stefan R., edited by DZIEMIANOWICZ

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