Download PDF by John S. Bradley, John D. Nelson et al. (eds.): 2015 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy

By John S. Bradley, John D. Nelson et al. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1581109180

ISBN-13: 9781581109184

New twenty first Edition!  This bestselling and wide-spread source on pediatric antimicrobial therapy offers speedy entry to trustworthy, up to date suggestions for remedy of all infectious illnesses in little ones.  

For each one illness, the authors offer a statement to assist wellbeing and fitness care prone opt for the simplest of all antimicrobial choices.  Drug descriptions hide all antimicrobial brokers on hand this present day and contain entire information regarding dosing regimens. in line with turning out to be issues approximately overuse of antibiotics, this system comprises guidance on while to not prescribe antimicrobials.

Practical, evidence-based thoughts from the specialists in antimicrobial therapy
  • Developed via unique editorial board
  • Designed if you look after little ones and are confronted with judgements each day
  • New at-a-glance tables of bacterial and fungal pathogen susceptibilities to ordinary antimicrobials
  • New details on neonatal developmental pharmacology
  • Includes remedy of parasitic infections and tropical medicine
  • Updated checks concerning the power of the advice and the extent of proof for therapy ideas for significant infections
  • Anti-infective drug directory, whole with formulations and dosages
  • Antibiotic treatment for overweight children
  • Antimicrobial prophylaxis/prevention of symptomatic infection
  • Maximal grownup dosages and better dosages of a few antimicrobials popular in children

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Human bites have a very high rate of infection (do not close open wounds). S aureus (MSSA) coverage is only fair with amox/clav, ticar/clav; no MRSA coverage. For penicillin allergy, ciprofloxacin (for Pasteurella) plus clindamycin (BIII). Bullous impetigo1–3,5–7 (usually S aureus, including CA-MRSA) Standard: cephalexin 50–75 mg/kg/day PO div tid OR amox/clav 45 mg/kg/day PO div tid (CII) CA-MRSA: clindamycin 30 mg/kg/day PO div tid OR TMP/SMX 8 mg/kg/day of TMP PO div bid; for 5–7 days (CI) For topical therapy if mild infection: mupirocin or retapamulin ointment Cellulitis of unknown etiology (usually S aureus, including CA-MRSA, or group A streptococcus)1–7,21 For periorbital or buccal cellulitis, also consider Empiric IV therapy: Streptococcus pneumoniae or Haemophilus influenzae Standard: oxacillin/nafcillin 150 mg/kg/day IV div type b in unimmunized infants.

Aerosol ribavirin (6-g vial to make 20-mg/mL solution in sterile water), aerosolized over 18–20 h daily for 3–5 days (BII), provides little benefit and should only be used for life-threatening infection with RSV. Difficulties in administration, complications with airway reactivity, and concern for potential toxicities to health care workers preclude routine use. Palivizumab does not provide benefit in the treatment of an active RSV infection. Palivizumab may benefit immunocompromised children but is not routinely recommended as benefits not well defined.

Please check your local susceptibility data for S aureus before using clindamycin for empiric therapy. For MSSA, oxacillin/nafcillin are considered equivalent agents. The first pediatric-specific PIDS/IDSA guidelines for bacterial osteomyelitis and bacterial arthritis are currently being written. 41 See Chapter 5. – Infants (S aureus, including CA-MRSA; group A streptococcus; Kingella kingae; in unimmunized or immunocompromised children: pneumococcus, H influenzae type b) Empiric therapy: clindamycin (to cover CA-MRSA unless clindamycin resistance locally is >10%, then use vancomycin).

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