New PDF release: A Season in Carcosa

By Joseph S. Pulver

ISBN-10: 1937408000

ISBN-13: 9781937408008

Whilst Joe Pulver approached S. T. Joshi approximately doing an anthology like his now-famous tome Black Wings, just for Robert Chambers' King in Yellow, Joshi had just one factor to say:

"You do it, Joe."

So he did.

And right here it's: A Season In Carcosa.

H.P. Lovecraft. Karl Edgar Wagner. Peter Straub. these are many of the names that stand tall in our style and in terms of Robert W. Chambers and his King in Yellow they agree, Chambers' beguiling stories of the King In Yellow and Carcosa are probably the greatest in "weird" fiction. Miskatonic River Press and Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. are proud and thrilled to offer an anthology of all new stories encouraged by means of Chambers.

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Uther was old and sick, yet the king­dom's safe­ty de­pend­ed on his bloat­ed body and on his slow, sad mind. He had been vig­or­ous on­ly six months be­fore, but then had come the news of his heir's death. Mor­dred, the most beloved of his sons and the on­ly one of those born to his bride still liv­ing, had been cut down by a Sax­on broad-​axe and had then bled to death be­neath the hill of the White Horse. That death had left the king­dom with­out an heir, and a king­dom with­out an heir is a cursed king­dom, but this night, if the Gods willed, Uther's heir would be born to Mor­dred's wid­ow.

We all slept four or five to a hut, though none but Nimue and Mor­gan were al­lowed in­to the hall's in­ner cham­bers. They were Mer­lin's own and Nimue alone was per­mit­ted to sleep there. Nor­wen­na and her court lived in the hall it­self, which was filled with smoke from the two fires that burned day and night. The hall was sup­port­ed by twen­ty oak posts and had walls of plas­tered wat­tle and a thatched roof. The floor was of earth cov­ered by rush­es that some­times caught fire and caused a pan­ic un­til the flames had been stamped out.

An heir,” Uther said in a tone of won­der as though he had not re­al­ly dared to hope that the Gods would favour him. He dabbed at the tears with a fur-​gloved hand. “The king­dom is safe, Bed­win,” he said. “Praise God, High Lord, it is safe,” Bed­win agreed. “A boy,” Uther said, then his huge body was sud­den­ly racked with a ter­ri­ble cough. It left him pant­ing. “A boy,” he said again when his breath­ing was steady. Mor­gan came af­ter a while. She climbed the lad­der and pros­trat­ed her stocky body in front of the High King.

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