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By Adrian M.T. Silva and Sonia A.C. Carabineiro

ISBN-10: 9535126431

ISBN-13: 9789535126430

Carbon atoms have the fantastic skill to bond in impressive assorted manners that could imagine targeted brilliant dimensional preparations from which completely diversified and engaging nanostructured carbon fabrics are received. This booklet goals to hide the newest advances in (i) Graphene and derivatives, together with graphene-based magnetic composites, membranes, wafer units, and nanofibers for numerous purposes, in addition to a few specific homes, similar to mild emission from graphene; (ii) Carbon nanotubes warmers and fibers for reinforcement of cement and diamond-based skinny movies; and (iii) Nanofluids including either graphene and carbon nanotubes, except reporting a few very important case experiences facing carbon nanostructures and their use in sensors, coatings, or electromagnetic wave absorbers.

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