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DEFENDER OF WORMS, Richard A. Lovett ____________________________ 136
MALNUTRITION, J. T. Sharrah _________________________________________ 8
JUST looking, Stephen Lombard __________________________________ 37
THE nice jump OF SHIN, Henry Lien _______________________________ 71
USHER, Jay Werkheiser____________________________________________ 123
ULENGE top, Chuck Rothman _____________________________________ 49
LONG manner long past, David L. Clements _________________________________ 55
ORION, emerging, Arlan Andrews, Sr. ___________________________________ 63
THE YONI SUTRA, Priya Chand_______________________________________ 65
WHY THE sizeable HIT THE ICEBERG, Jerry Oltion ______________________87
FOOL’S ERRAND, Judith Tarr _________________________________________ 96
SAMSARA AND ICE, Andy Dudak ____________________________________ 107
MARDUK’S FOLLY, Sean Vivier ______________________________________ 112
UNMOTHER, Lex Wilson ___________________________________________ 115
ORBITS to reserve, Stanley Schmidt __________________________________ 30
SPACE insects, Marianne Dyson _______________________________________ 61
THE mystery OF chilly FUSION, Bruce Boston _________________________ 60
GUEST EDITORIAL: HERE’S for your overall healthiness, Rajnar Vajra _______________ 4
BIOLOG: J. T. SHARRAH, Richard A. Lovett _____________________________ 29
THE trade VIEW, Jeffery D. Kooistra _____________________________ 84
IN instances TO COME_______________________________________________ 114
THE REFERENCE LIBRARY, Don Sakers______________________________ 172
BRASS TACKS ___________________________________________________ 176
ANALYTICAL LABORATORY poll ________________________________ 180
THE 2014 INDEX _________________________________________________ 181
UPCOMING occasions, Anthony Lewis _________________________________ 184

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So Angela had gone on her own. Their separation was official, but the divorce hadn’t happened so far. Angela wasn’t pushing for it, maybe because she was 39 ANALOG too busy. Kelly hoped she would change her mind and come back. Time passed; he didn’t know when he would see her again, but a few days ago she had called him and said she was coming for a visit. Like old times they met for lunch at Tillie’s. Most of the midday customers had cleared out. The waitress had taken their plates. Angela had paid their check at the counter and come back to the booth.

Well, I’m not sure what your silence is worth. How much hush money will Korbix be willing to pay? Use your own judgment. Charge 28 whatever the traff ic will bear. The sum you extort will, I trust, make you wealthy—more than rich enough to retire surrounded by all the necessities of life. ” “Retire? Here? ” Yulix sounded as if the concept had just occurred to him. He gave no indication that bringing his career to an end had been much on his mind lately. ” “And if I should meet with a fatal accident, or if a catastrophe happens to strike the colony that I call home .

And the benefits to humankind were enormous. The Cygnusians had refused to give any technological information to the government, but they had no problem sharing astrophysical data they had collected from across the Milky Way. The best software experts in the country had f inally f inished the code to convert the data from the aliens’ bit stream to something our computers could read. But with a single channel and limited bandwidth, time was running out. Only about 10 percent of the available data could be transmitted in twenty-four hours.

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