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Michigan kingdom Univ., East Lansing. interprets wisdom into reproducible equipment than let biomedical researchers to discover the function of angiotensin in well-being and illness. Covers genetic manipulation of specific genes. comprises tools for sensible reports of the renin-angiotensin procedure. DNLM: Renin - Angiotensin System-physiology

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Thus, ZG cells markedly proliferate over time during chronic ECF volume depletion. The direct effect of Ang II on ZG cell proliferation during this time frame is inhibitory. The results attest to the functional significance of non-Ang II mechanisms for the enhancement of aldosterone secretion during the transition from acute to chronic phase of ECF volume depletion. 50 Takaya, Matsusaka, and Ichikawa 4. 1. Materials 1. Agtr1a+/– ES cells 2. Hygromycin resistant feeder cells; NHL-7 (kind gift from Dr.

Detection, evaluation and treatment of renovascular hypertension. (1987) Arch. Intern. Med. 147, 820–829. 5. Dean, R. , Tribble, R. , Hansen, K. , O’Neil, E. , Craven, T. , and Redding, J. F. (1991) Evolution of renal insufficiency in ischemic nephropathy. Ann. Surg. 213, 446–456. 6. Davies, D. F. and Shock, N. W. (1950) Age changes in glomerular filtration rate, effective renal plasma flow, and tubular excretory capacity in adult males. J. Clin. Invest. 29, 496. 7. Lindeman, R. , Tobin, J. , and Shock, N.

1999) Interaction of angiotensin II and mechanical stretch on vascular endothelial growth factor production by human mesangial cells. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 10, 730–737. 31. Wilson, H. , Haites, N. , and Booth, N. A. (1997) Effect of angiotensin II on plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 production by cultured human mesangial cells. Nephron 77, 197–204. 32. , and Iwao, H. (1998) Activation of glomerular mitogen-activated protein kinases in angiotensin II-mediated hypertension. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 9, 372–380.

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