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By Thomas T. Yoshikawa, Shobita Rajagopalan

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Written through the key specialists at the subject, this reference offers easy accessibility to crucial details on particular antibiotics, significant scientific infections, chosen pathogens, and infections in long term elderly-care facilities-summarizing the giant array of subject matters regarding infectious ailments in older adults together with epidemiology, scientific manifestations, altered host resistance, and pharmacology

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Underlying chronic illness dramatically increases the risk of influenza infection and impairs the response to vaccination. The presence of one or two chronic illnesses (such as emphysema, diabetes mellitus, or chronic renal insufficiency) is associated with a 40–150-fold increase in the incidence rate of influenza pneumonia (12). Whether chronic illnesses, medications, or other related external conditions further compromise immune competence has not been elucidated. , a fourfold increase in antibody titers).

15. Fever (and lack thereof) in elderly persons is only one clinical presentation that can be used when suspecting a serious disease. The presence of fever in an elderly person is generally associated with a serious underlying infection (most often of bacterial origin). Infections, like all other illnesses in the geriatric patient, may occur with a variety of presentations. The clinical findings presented are often nonspecific, atypical, or nonclassic. Unexplained change in functional capacity or mental status, weight loss/failure to thrive, and falls are only some of the clues that may aid the clinician in considering infection in the elderly patient (20).

Current Population Reports Series P-25, No. 922. Washington, DC; Bureau of the Census, October 1982. 9. Rajagopalan S, Moran D. Infectious disease emergencies. In: Yoshikawa TT, Norman DC, eds. Acute Emergencies and Critical Care of the Geriatric Patient. New York: Marcel Dekker, 2000:337–355. Epidemiology and Infections 7 10. Rhyne RL, Roche RJ. Infection in the elderly. In: Brillman JC, Quenzer RW, eds. Infectious Disease in Emergency Medicine. Philadelphia: Lippincot-Raven, 1997: 291–316. 11.

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